Databases For Industries

Charity/NFP Industry

While your existing donor list is extremely valuable, it’s important to find new donors who are likely to give to your cause. We can help providing a list of potential donors for your next appeal and we can also help washing your existing aged donor list to bring it back to life for reengagement.

Relevant targeting information that we can help with:

  • Age demographic
  • Gender (potentially relevant, depending on the cause)
  • Socio-economics – being able to target wealthier or more affluent individuals who could be more likely to donate
  • Location – target particular parts of the country if this is relevant

Political Candidates or Parties

While individuals in the political space may already have access to constituent data in their target area via the electoral role, this information is not always up to date and can sometimes have limited information. We update data weekly and have one of the largest and most accurate data bases in the country.

Relevant targeting information that we can help with:

  • Can target particular Local Government Areas, State Electoral Divisions and Commonwealth Electoral Divisions
  • Age and gender targeting – allowing for focused messages that resonate with particular demographics
  • Socio-economics – also useful for targeted messaging
  • We can provide a combination of mobile and email data to enhance the data you currently have access to within the electoral role.

Solar Industry

Consumer lists are an excellent way to find new customers for the solar industry that is more targeted than door-to-door, which saves your sales team valuable time. With a marketing list you can get the addresses and contact information of potential clients in your target area, faster than you could with other marketing options.

Relevant targeting information that we can help with:

  • Specific locations – either because you only work in certain areas or if you send teams on runs into other/rural areas from time to time.
  • Targeting for home ownership
  • Exclude unit addresses.
  • Exclude properties known to have solar or specifically target them.


Are you looking to expand in your area and make sure you’re contacting every potential home seller? Purchasing a data list can give you access to a targeted list of potential customers in your area that you may not have had in your contacts before. This is great for sending direct mail, emails, or calling to expand your reach in your area.

Relevant targeting information that we can help with:

  • Specific locations – we ensure we’re only providing records within your target area or territory and can target by postcode or specific suburbs.
  • Targeting for home ownership.
  • We can exclude properties recently sold as they may be individuals less likely to want an appraisal or to list their property.

Property Sales

Purchase a highly targeted lists of potential property investors or first home buyers and increase your sales faster.

Relevant targeting information that we can help with:


  • Age demographic can be important, typically people aged 40-60
  • Target for home ownership
  • Wealthier or affluent individuals who are more like to have the means to invest

First Home Buyers

  • Age demographic also important here, around 30-45 years old
  • We can target individuals likely to be renting
  • Middle to high end of the socio-economic scale

Financial Planning

Create your perfect list of possible clients for financial planning and get your information to them directly, whether it’s on the phone, email, or direct mail that you do your business best. Ideal targeting regardless of if you’re focused on wealth creation, people who hold/are interested in a SMSF, risk insurance or mortgage reduction as a pathway to wealth.

Relevant targeting information that we can help with:

  • We can target on age and gender demographics.
  • Socio-economic scoring to target individuals who are more affluent/wealthy or perhaps have a higher education/skill attainment.
  • We can target for home ownership.


Retail and eCommerce businesses can benefit from consumer data lists just as much as any other business. Help more target customers near your brick-and-mortar stores find you with direct mail and other advertising campaigns. Gone are the days where you pay for outdoor advertising and hope for the best. Now you can go straight to the “homes” of your potential customers and catch their eye faster. Diversifying your current marketing efforts with a data list can give you an edge without the high cost of PPC advertising.

Relevant targeting information that we can help with:

  • Age demographic
  • Gender can often be useful for targeted campaigns.
  • Socio-economic targeting, depending on the product.
  • Location – if promoting the a physical location or if eCommerce, delivery may only be for certain parts of the country.
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