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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Marketing Investment? Our Data Guarantee: Maximise Your Return On Investment.

Are you looking for lead generation services that are customised to suit your business and boost conversion?

You’ve come to the right place.

Our lead generation services give back to businesses through high-quality, targeted lead generation that saves you money on marketing and valuable time searching for contacts.

Our Story

We are experienced digital marketers with a combined 25 years in the industry.

With a brand design and digital marketing agency also under our umbrella, we understand end-to-end marketing, and we’re passionate about helping businesses maximise their marketing ROI.

By guiding our clients on their marketing journey, we’ve come to appreciate the positive difference that high-quality leads can make toward a client achieving their goal.

But, generating leads is no easy task. When we started, there was no established best practice for maximising the convertibility of a lead list.

We are results-driven, so we know that to help our clients generate leads, we have to do it the right way: with conversion at top of mind.

So, we set out to revolutionise lead generation.

When we created our unique formula for sales and marketing lead generation services, Lead Lists was born.

Our philosophy is simple: more intelligent leads = more conversions and return on investment.

Our robust lead generation system will help you hit your targets with ease.

Our Team


Chris Cox

Managing Director

Chris Cox is the Managing Director at Lead Lists. He has over two decades of experience in sales, of which, a decade was spent in the lead generation and data space. His role is integral to the company’s sales, marketing, and business strategy, and standardised service commitment to clients, team members and partners. Chris takes pride in his active and engaging leadership style. He instils Lead Lists with great energy and a sense of ambition and progression, whilst problem-solving lead generation strategy and implementation with clients. Chris is across all areas of the business and never misses a beat.


James Baker


James Baker is the Director and Head of Operations at Lead Lists. He has over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry and a Bachelor of Multimedia in Business Marketing, which has contributed to his knowledgeable and innovative approach to business. James is responsible for the company’s ongoing operations, ensuring that internal systems and external communications with clients and partners runs smoothly. He also leads the Lead Lists digital marketing arm. His creative and business experience is paired with Lead Lists technical resources and an undeniable passion to deliver. This ensures that every client receives concise strategies and remarkable online experiences.

We offer

Business Data:

Ideal for B2B companies.

We connect your business with the primary decision-makers of the businesses you would like to target.

Consumer Data:

Ideal for B2C companies

We will help you connect with consumers who match your business’s customer profile and filter out the ones that don’t help you get a better return on marketing.


Data Washing:

Ideal for an outdated list, if you want to re-engage old customers and clients.

We will wash your existing data through our up-to-date records and fill in the gaps.


Lead Lists Adapt To The Needs Of Your Business

No two businesses are the same.

That’s why no two lead lists from us will ever be the same either.

We work with you to provide lead generation services that align perfectly with the marketing goals of your business.

Whether you want to reach a specific demographic, location, industry, occupation or any other category that is vital to your business, – We know how to target the people you need.

With leads tailored to your organisation’s needs, you have the best chance of converting them into customers.

More Than Just Leads

When you use our lead generation services you receive more than just a list.

We take an in-depth approach to understand your business and marketing goals, then use lead generation to help you meet your targets.


We want to raise the standard of lead generation services.

And to do that, transparency and compliance are essential.

We have over 19 million opt-in consumer records in our database – Meaning, they have given us permission to include them in our list.
You can rest assured that the lead lists we provide you with will have an aligned interest with your offering.

We make sure all the data we give you is verified.

That means we check each person’s record multiple times and confirm their details are up to date every six months. If we can’t verify their details, we remove them from the database so that we don’t waste your time.

Our data verification process ensures that you reach every potential customer we include in your lead list.

Our lead lists typically produce an industry-high email delivery rate of 98% or more.

Do you want to increase the reach and quality of leads in your business?

Let’s work together to boost your lead to sales conversion rate.

Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.