Australian Business to Business (B2B) Databases

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While we assist businesses by providing tailored business email lists and data for marketing purposes, we’re also experts in lead generation and therefore more attuned than most on the importance of having an accurate list of prospects that is up to date and targeted based on your specific requirements.

With over 2 million business records and 3 million decision makers available, our data is one of the largest and most comprehensive business databases in the Australian market. 

We can assist businesses with a marketable database for new client acquisition, which can be used for calling, email marketing and direct mail as well as to bolster your digital marketing efforts. We can target businesses with the following specifications:

Business (B2B) email lists and data

We also have rich business and decision maker information, with millions of decision makers within functions such as management, finance, marketing, IT, human resources, sales, operations, and legal amongst others that are more niche. We can target individuals from C-Level and Director seniority all the way down to manager or influencer level.

We also offer a data cleanse where we take existing client data and match and append against our database to fill in any gaps that may exist, as well as provide new or updated information on aged data.

Our data lists allow you to reduce your prospecting time, cut out the guess work by getting a hold of key decision-makers, and field your pipeline with compliant contact details.

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