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Make The Most Out Of Your Marketing Investment

Our lead generation services help mortgage brokers and financial advisors reach qualified and classified leads.

With a background in the financial services industry ourselves, we understand the challenges of reaching people looking for financing, insurance, and wealth generation services.

Just like you, we put ROI first.

Marketing costs money and you want your money to work for you, just like you advise your clients.

Our lead generation services help to reduce the cost of client prospecting.

We help to get your marketing messages to prospects by providing you with highly qualified leads targeted to your offering.

How Our Lead Generation Services Pinpoint Your Ideal Clients:

We have the most advanced targeting and vetting system in the industry, which means that the data we give you will be the most valuable in the market:

Demographic targeting – We know there is a very specific type of person looking for financial services.

They are likely getting older and want to become financially comfortable as they look towards retirement. Perhaps your ideal clients are thinking about retiring early and wish to do so without sacrificing a comfortable retirement.

These are the people who want to hear about the services you offer. But they aren’t the only fish in the sea. Sifting through leads to find those ideal targets is a time consuming and costly exercise.

Leave the lead generation to us, so that you can focus on converting the highly qualified leads coming in.

Homeowner targeting – Ideal for mortgage brokers looking for clients who would like to refinance their homes.

While most data providers will rely on homeowners self-reporting, we know this data can be inaccurate.

That’s why we ensure that our data identifies likely homeowners and eliminates renters. We do this by:

  • limiting our data to the age group (typically 35-55) that are likely to own a home with a significant mortgage.
  • targeting people who have lived at the same address for more than five years.

With these data parameters, we provide the highest degree of homeownership accuracy on the market.

Business targeting – Ideal for insurance brokers looking to provide services such as risk insurance, we can target sole traders and business owners who need your guidance.

We Make Sure All The Data We Give You Is Verified.

That means we’ve seen each person’s record multiple times and confirmed their details are up to date every six months. If we can’t verify their details, we remove them from the database.

Our data verification process ensures you can reach every potential client we include in our lead lists.

We assure you that our lead generation services provide a captive audience who would like to hear about the services you offer.

To find out how we can help you pinpoint your ideal clients – Get in touch with us.

Target your list by:

  • We can target on age and gender demographics
  • Socio-economic scoring to target individuals who are more affluent/wealthy or perhaps have a higher education/skill attainment.
  • We can target for home ownership

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We recently worked with Lead Lists to create our first digital fundraising campaign. The process was a positive experience from start to finish with their team of experts guiding us every step of the way.

From the outset Lead Lists was attentive and responsive to our needs and expectations. They quickly understood our objectives and the tone and approach we wanted to capture. In collaboration with their wonderful creative team we were able to deliver a campaign that was not only on point, but also a game changer for ECHO which has provided a strong foundation for our fundraising efforts going forward.

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