Refund Policy

Fees and Charges & Refunds

Fees for use of LEAD LISTS DATA SOLUTIONS data are as agreed from time to time. You agree to pay the fees associated with your data order by the due date or our trading terms as specified on our invoices and / or statements provided to you upon each data order. We further reserve the right to suspend service to any delinquent account without notice. If you have questions about our fees, please contact us before you complete any data order.

LEAD LISTS DATA SOLUTIONS will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the data services to its customers and to compile information gathered from selected public records and other sources; provided, however, customer accepts all information “AS IS”. All purchases are final with no refunds, however as a usual business practice and by agreement between us, any defective records are either replaced or the value of those records can be applied as a credit to your account balance. As an example; if 10 records were defective or non-usable, we can either replace the 10 records for you, or credit the cost you paid for those 10 records back to your account credit balance for further data use only, but no money will actually be sent as a refund payment for those records. Such data replacement records or credits are not applicable where a client deems the data to be defective due to lower conversion rates from campaign to campaign. Conversion rates are not solely based on data elements.

This agreement / terms and conditions of use is governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia and all parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that state.