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If you have been looking into digital ways to grow your business, Google Ads is one of the most reliable ways to deliver results for any type of company. With an established platform that reaches customers at their searches and beyond, you can drive growth in your business quickly and efficiently – all while having a clear picture of what your investment is getting you.

Take your business to the next level

Investing in Adwords and Retargeting can bring your business to the next level, giving you the possibility to expand your brand and reach new customers.

At Lead Lists, we understand what it takes to deliver a driving Google AdWords strategy. We get to know your brand, your business goals and your target market in order to deliver highly targeted and effective ads. We continually monitor and tweak your campaign to increase leads and lower acquisition cost. With transparent and regular reporting, you can see how each dollar spent drives more profit to your business. We aim to be transparent about how Google Ads works – we don’t hide anything behind the smoke and mirrors of digital agencies. We know what you want – leads and sales for your company.

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Immediate results


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Scaleable, Measurable, Flexible

What You Get Working With Lead Lists

Whether you have tried Google Ads before or are just getting started, Lead Lists will sit down with you and understand the performance goals you have in mind and will help you define them further to ensure success. Our marketing experts can help clarify your ideas down to a campaign that will entice and delight your customers. From there, we work with expert ad copywriters and your brand team to create text ads that match your brand and are conversion focused. As your campaign launches, we communicate with you on the results and continue to tweak the campaigns with optimisations.


Crackle Caramel Popcorn is seriously the best Caramel Popcorn you have ever had. Cracklecorn engaged Lead Lists to run Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads to promote their delicious range and get it in front of a new and hungry audience.

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Your Google Ads Partner

We are a team with professionals who have experience implementing Google ads for major international companies and small businesses alike. When you choose Lead Lists, we sit down and tailor campaigns and budgets that fit your company and allow you room to grow (and grow, and grow!).

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