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Looking For Investors Or First Home Buyers?

Our lead generation services help developers and real estate agents find buyers.

You know a potential investor when you meet one – They have been homeowners long enough that they have the equity to afford another. They are also thinking about building wealth to support them in retirement, maybe even to retire early.

And you know a potential first home buyer when you see one too: They’ve been renting for too long, they want to put down some roots and have something to call their own.

You know how to discern those potential buyers in person. The problem is, trying to classify them on a cold call or via marketing outreach. You risk spending money on bulk mail-outs and lengthy call directories that fail to reach the ones who are seriously looking to buy.

Wouldn’t it be great if your lead generation had the same intuition as you?

Our advanced demographic profiling system allows us to single out people who are in a position to buy their first home or next investment property.

Stop wasting time and money on wide-net searches and go straight to those who are ready to buy.
How Our Lead Generation Services Pinpoint Your Ideal Clients.

We have the most advanced targeting and vetting system in the industry, so the data we give you will be the most valuable in the market.

Some of the vital classifications that we can segment by include:

age – While first home buyers tend to skew young, investors are financially comfortable, typically older, and are looking to safeguard and grow their wealth.

socioeconomic status – We filter by socioeconomic status to ensure we only target people with the means to buy property, saving you from many uncomfortable calls.

location – If you want to target potential buyers in your sales patch, or close to your next development site, we will sort the data to your specific niche.

buyer targeting – We can accurately identify people looking for their first home, or homeowners looking to build or expand their portfolio.

  • In targeting potential first home buyers: We can find people who have lived at the same address for the last five years.
  • Homeowners: Filtering out younger homeowners who aren’t thinking about an investment property just yet.

We Make Sure All The Data We Give You Is Verified.

That means we’ve seen each person’s record multiple times and confirmed their details are up to date every six months. If we can’t verify their details, we remove them from the database.

Our data verification process ensures you reach every potential buyer we include in our lead lists.

We assure you that our lead generation services provide a captive audience ready to hear from you about opportunities to purchase property.

To find out how we can help you target the people you need – Get in touch with us.

Target your list by:

  • Age demographic can be important, typically people aged 40-60
  • Target for home ownership
  • Wealthier or affluent individuals who are more like to have the means to invest
First Home Buyers
  • Age demographic also important here, around 30-45 years old
  • We can target individuals likely to be renting
  • Middle to high end of the socio-economic scale

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We recently worked with Lead Lists to create our first digital fundraising campaign. The process was a positive experience from start to finish with their team of experts guiding us every step of the way.

From the outset Lead Lists was attentive and responsive to our needs and expectations. They quickly understood our objectives and the tone and approach we wanted to capture. In collaboration with their wonderful creative team we were able to deliver a campaign that was not only on point, but also a game changer for ECHO which has provided a strong foundation for our fundraising efforts going forward.

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