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Lead Generation: The Secret To Successful Solar Sales

For salespeople, the feeling of getting a promising lead ranks second, only to making a sale.

But often, finding those golden leads can feel like digging for buried treasure.

And that’s not what you hired your sales superstars to do. The best use of their time is converting already-targeted leads.

If you leave your sales team to deal with leads who aren’t in your target audience, it isn’t good for morale. And I don’t need to tell you that a team low on confidence is a team that misses achievable sales targets.

What if you could show your sales team exactly where to look, so all they need to do is work their magic where it counts?

We help solar companies boost their conversion rate by providing targeted data.

Getting the right leads will dramatically reduce the cost of man-hours spent searching for leads and set your company up for massive growth.

Our Lead Generation Process: How We Qualify Our Lists

We know that making sales is not just dependent on getting leads – Those leads need to be high quality and highly targeted.

Our lead generation services provide your sales team with targeted leads, helping you to streamline your sales process and light up more homes with your solar power.

Our way of generating a list of qualified leads is the most detailed process in the industry.

We operate with stringent procedures designed to ensure that only quality leads make the cut to you.

Our detailed screening means we can target for home ownership and sideline the renters.

Everyone you get in touch with via our lists is a targeted lead for solar power sales – saving you time on lead generation that is better spent converting.

When searching for prospects, we make sure all the data we give you is verified.

We’ve seen each person’s record multiple times and confirmed their details are up to date every six months. If we can’t verify their details, we remove them from the database.

Our data verification process ensures that you can get in touch with every potential customer included in our lead lists.

Relevant targeting information we can help with:

  • Location targeting – Ideal If you can only work in certain areas. Or if you send teams on runs into other/rural areas from time to time, let them know you’re coming and fast-track your prospects by knowing who they are.
  • Targeting for homeownership
  • Excluding unit addresses.
  • Excluding or targeting properties known to already have solar or specifically target them.

Location Is Everything

There is nothing worse than filtering through a list of prospects to find the ones in your area.

With Lead Lists, this won’t happen.

Whether you have a defined territory or you’re doing a location-specific sales drive, we can filter our list to ensure everyone in it meets your criteria.

Are you planning a regional sales trip?

Plan ahead and make the most of your sales team’s time with our location targeting.

Let us know where you’re going and we’ll give you a list of leads that you can call in advance.

Then, all that’s left for you to do is follow up in person and close the sale.

We Understand Solar

Having worked extensively with the solar industry, we speak your language when it comes to solar sales strategies.

We want to make your sales team look as good as their selling ability, which is why transparency and compliance are important to us.

We screen our records against the Do Not Call register. That’s why we can assure you that our lead generation services provide a captive audience who are ready to hear your message.

To find out how we can help your sales team, get in touch with us for a no-obligation consultation.

Target your list by:

  • Specific locations – either because you only work in certain areas or if you send teams on runs into other/rural areas from time to time
  • Targeting for home ownership
  • Exclude unit addresses
  • Exclude properties known to have solar or specifically target them

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We recently worked with Lead Lists to create our first digital fundraising campaign. The process was a positive experience from start to finish with their team of experts guiding us every step of the way.

From the outset Lead Lists was attentive and responsive to our needs and expectations. They quickly understood our objectives and the tone and approach we wanted to capture. In collaboration with their wonderful creative team we were able to deliver a campaign that was not only on point, but also a game changer for ECHO which has provided a strong foundation for our fundraising efforts going forward.

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