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We guarantee that the quality of our data is better than anything else you could find in the market.

That’s the Lead Lists promise – contact us today to obtain a free sample to test against your current providers. You’ll be amazed by its unmatched quality.

You are losing money from your inaccurate data.

Customers move, change their phone numbers, and generally lose contact with your business. Match your customer data against a live database and get those updated addresses and contacts. This saves you the headache of bounced emails or wasted spend on direct mail – and can even enhance the data you have with additional information about your customers you don’t have yet! 

Lead Lists is your premiere full-service data-washing partner. We will help you from start to finish, providing you with an updated database that will help your marketing dollars go farther.


Save Money

Pushing marketing to out-of-date contacts means lost $$ on postage, marketing spend, and your team’s valuable time



Add demographic and socio-economic data to create more advanced audiences



You may be required to remove contacts that are in the Do Not Call register. Wash with us and get compliant today

Why Lead Lists?

Data cleansing tools and methods can be complicated and require a data scientist to keep things maintained, and even with one on your team you’re still missing records to compare your database to. Lead Lists is the most popular data provider in Australia. We provide data cleansing that is full-service and easy. We’re fast and have amazing customer service that will help you from start to finish.

Some additional reasons to choose us:

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