How a database of mobile phone numbers can grow your business.

SMS Marketing

Not everyone checks their emails frequently, but text messages are much more difficult to ignore. The benefit of SMS marketing is that a text reaches your customers or audience in a quicker way by deleting the step of needing to go into the email inbox. 

The SMS on your phone shows up without you needing to open your email app where many people have notifications turned off. 

Here are a few ways that Lead Lists helps you and your business to increase your SMS marketing success. 

Make the most of the seconds you have 


Even if the receiver of your text message doesn’t open it right away, they will see it on their screen. Or, they have to go into it before deleting it, if they believe that it’s spam. 

In other words, you have a few seconds to make sure that your message is heard – or read. We notice the content of a text message better than we do in an email from an unknown source. This means that every business needs an SMS marketing strategy that will speak to the right audience. If you send out messages to people who don’t want to hear anything you have to say, you might become considered a spammer. 

And that’s not good for any business out there, including yours. 

Which businesses benefit from SMS marketing?


Any business can benefit from SMS marketing if done right. We have a database with more than 18 million consumers all over Australia with mobile phone numbers included. All of our data is updated and is less than 6 months old and the most recent. 

This means that when consumer behaviour changes, we are aware of it. Since your customers develop new interests and leave others behind, you need a list that can reflect that change. 

Real estate agents, financial institutions, travel companies, and charities all benefit from knowing their audience. The same goes for companies that are in the retail and e-commerce space and want to increase their sales. Each industry requires a different marketing message because the audience is oftentimes different from the other. Preferences and interests, demographics and social-economic status all matter when you as a business want to increase your sales and impact. 

We at Lead Lists provide you with an updated and tailored consumer database for your SMS marketing campaign. We’ll provide you with the most valuable phone numbers for your marketing, and your job is to creatively deliver the message. 

In other words, we help you improve your success in the marketing world. To know more about how we customize the database of mobile phone numbers for your business for efficiency, contact our team here



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