How Charities & Not-for-profits can grow with Email Marketing

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Newsletters and emails are still two of the most valuable tools to reach customers or potential prospects. Email marketing for charities and not-for-profits is one of the best ways for you to communicate effectively with your potential supporters.

One of the most time-consuming and difficult tasks is to create an email list with the right people. You need the right audience so that your emails don’t get ignored. Having access to the right data filters out the right receivers from the wrong ones. This way, you increase the chances immensely for your emails to be open.

Create the right strategy from the beginning

When it comes to email marketing, strategy is everything. Not-for-profits and charities benefit from proper planning. Because you are trying to convey an important message, the content in your emails is as important as reaching the right people.

A message that resonates with the person on the other end of the email is essential. We make it easier for you to convey that message by providing you with detailed data on those you are reaching out to. When you know more about the people and companies you wish to support you, your chances of getting them on board increase significantly.

Plan an email marketing campaign that is personalised

The noise in our inboxes is loud which is why it is important to personalize your email content.  By knowing more about the potential supporters for your charity, it’s easier to personalize the message you are sending out. At Lead Lists, we provide you with email lists and SMS lists depending on your needs. Knowing the communication tools your target supporters prefer adds additional value to your email marketing approach. Sending out an email followed by a text can help your message be seen.

When you receive the data from us, you are one step closer to bringing people on board with your charity. We not only help you to get new email lists and SMS lists, but we also go through any lists you already have. The process of washing data will help you find potential supporters that you already have access to.

A genuine approach with no spam at Lead Lists

 Nobody wants to be spammed and spamming can hurt your reputation. This is something that charities and not-for-profit organisations can’t afford. To keep this from happening, we will only provide you with a list of users who are active and more prone to receive your message. We update our database regularly to make sure that no data is more than six months old.

If you have questions about how we can help your not-to-profit or charity with our unique data list approach, please contact us. We are eager to help make your email marketing less stressful and a lot more successful.



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