How Property Developers & Agents can grow with Email Marketing

property developer email list

If you are a property developer or an agent, email marketing is one of your greatest assets.

Make it easier to reach potential buyers with the help of our database lists that provide you with the right data customized for your market.

Detailed data on people who are most likely to buy or invest

Spending time on reaching out to people who are not ready to buy or invest costs you a lot of time. To make sure that you reach the people who are ready to buy or invest, we use an advanced demographic profiling system. This means that we filter out potential prospects who are most likely to buy or invest from those who aren’t.

The data you will have access to includes age and socioeconomic status, making sure that the list consists of ready-to-buy receivers. With our buyer targeting function, we know which homeowners are ready to buy. We look at the main factors that play a role in buying a home, such as how long they have lived in their current one, the area, etc.

The list also includes first-time buyers with people who are looking to purchase their first home. By separating the different prospects, you know exactly which communication style is the right one. A 25-year old first-time buyer, for example, often thinks differently than a 50-year investor or someone who has already owned several homes. Knowing what the person on the other end desires is essential.

Reach potential buyers in the right area

With our property database lists, we help you reach customers and buyers in the right area. You get access to contact details for people who live in a certain region, city or neighbourhood. This saves you a lot of effort so that you can focus on your other marketing tasks and selling property. With our target location tool, you know your prospects’ location but also their pain points which makes your email marketing easier.

To better deliver the message, plan for an email marketing campaign that not only contains text and images but also videos. Videos are a powerful tool that makes people more prone to listen and integrate what you are saying. Combining images and content with personalized messages and video sets you up for more success and growth.

Are you ready to reach your prospects in an effective and personalized way? Reach out to us and we’ll help you get started with your email marketing that will take your sales to a new level.



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