How to generate leads as a real estate agent

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As a real estate agent, part of your role is being the go to person for new and interested buyers and renters. The real estate game is ever changing and it isn’t enough to have a stagnant list of contacts. Generating leads is essential, but knowing how to do it effectively and efficiently is crucial.

In this blog we will discuss the different ways in which a real estate agent can generate leads.

Email Lists

Firstly, email marketing is NOT dead. It is a very easy and clever way at reaching large groups of people and gaining their attention. The catch with email marketing is that it needs to be done right and you need to have a growing and updated email list. If you are emailing fake or irrelevant emails than all the effort is pointless. But having tailored email lists varying based on location, demographic and even between renters and buyers, can dramatically improve your marketing efforts.

Google Ads

Reaching people via Google ads is certainly a tried and tested method of reaching people, however when done haphazardly it can be costly and ineffective. Being strategic and clever with Google ads is essential and it may make sense to have an agency manage ads for you. But opting to control them yourself is fine, but again knowing what you’re doing is very important in order to maximise efforts.

Social Ads

Social ads are highly effective depending on the platform and the market base. Not every demographic uses every platform to the same degree. Home owners may not be using Tik Tok as much as young renters for example. So strategically creating social ads specific to the platforms and the demographic is the best way to approach this tactic.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is a set of various factors that combine to create an ideal website, that Google or other search engines then rank organically high. Factors such as design, user experience, website speed and content are all a part of a a balanced SEO approach. If your website is ranking highly, then you’ll have more website traffic and hence potential leads. SEO is effective, but it takes time to develop and is an involved process. But when done right it is often more effective than Google Ads and has a long lasting effect.

Buying Leads

Buying leads is a quick and effective way at obtaining usable leads. But, purchasing from a reputable company that does the due diligence in filtering out bad data is essential, otherwise you’ll be purchasing unverified data. You can also gets leads and data in a format that is most usable for you. The leads can be organised and divided based on various factors so that you can tailor your marketing approach to each group.

Whatever way you find yourself gathering more leads, or perhaps you employ all the methods above – we here at Lead Lists have the most relevant and reliable data and list available for real estate agents. For more information about how you can take your lead generation to the next level, reach out to us at 1300 390 234.


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