Email marketing – is it still relevant?


Email marketing is a trigger word for many businesses. Some love it, others hate it. But there is clear reasons as to what it is, why it is and whether or not you should do it yourself. In this blog we will discuss why email marketing is still relevant today, in fact we would argue it is essential!

Email marketing is pretty explanatory based on the name. It is when you use email to outreach to people on a formed email list (usually clients or potential clients) to advertise, remind, offer promotions or just engage with.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Emails are not dead! No matter how much some may say that social media or paid advertising are the ultimate forms of reaching people, the truth is people still use and check their emails daily and if you stand out and have meaningful and well crafted email marketing, you can really see results.

This is why having an updated and clean email list is essential. Without a clean email list, then your marketing efforts are useless, as you’ll be shooting emails into a void of undelivered or spam clients. Instead you should be reaching real people with a real interest in your product or service.

How Do You Build An Email List?

Having a way to gather emails from clients via a form on a website or by other means is very important for you as a business when curating an email list. You want to collect as many organic emails as possible from both customers that have brought product and those that are just considering. Storing emails and then dividing the list up into previous clients vs potential clients is a great way to tailor your marketing plan. You can remind previous clients of your services and offer deals. Potential clients can be offered special deals, information about services and more in order to get them on board.

The rising costs of other forms of marketing such as Google Ads, social media, SEO and others mean that owning an updated and clean email list gives you the power to reach people cheaply, yet effectively. Even email marketing platforms have running costs going up, so having your own database to work with is essential.

Also in this day and age, privacy is a major concern with emails and customer outreach, so using platforms puts you at risk of being hacked or having your clients data being misused. But again, if you own your own email list and are sending out your emails, then you lessen the risk of these major privacy issues that could occur when using an email platform.

Email Lists Are Still Relevant

Emails and email marketing are not only still relevant but could be argued to be essential. Having an updated and clean email list to accompany your marketing strategy is important and will take your efforts to the next level.

If you want to know more about email lists and data cleaning you can contact us today at 1300 845 573 and discuss with our team about services and how you can get your own curated email list that you can use for your marketing endeavours.


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