Why cleaning your email database is important

cleaning email list

Clean email list = better results

Having an email database is a great thing and you have surely witnessed the benefits of their effectiveness. But if your list is not updated, or cleansed then you could be wasting valuable efforts and resources, ultimately hindering your goals.

With business information, Businesses change. Employees change. Contact persons change. Your B2B (business to business) email lists should as well.

When talking about consumer data, people move house, update email addresses and change phone numbers. An up to date B2C (business to consumer) list ensures you have the most up-to-date information

Your email marketing efforts are only as good as your lists and in this modern age, things move quickly and information changes fast.

Benefits of data cleaning

There are a few benefits to cleaning your email database that we will highlight and all of which can change the course of your marketing efforts.

1) Save money!

If you list is out of date or irrelevant then you are losing money. You are reaching people who don’t require your service or worse, not reaching anyone at all. Ensuring you have up-to-date records is a fast way of ensuring that your campaigns are reaching real people. It costs money to put together the marketing aspect of your emails, cleaning your database is an easy way to ensure that money is not being wasted.

2) Compliance

There are people who do not want to be contacted. They are on the Do Not Call Register. By having updated data, you won’t run the risk of contacting persons who have specifically requested not to. This helps keep your business in good standing and avoids unnecessary conflict.

3) Enrich

When you update your

If you need data cleansing, it is easy and you won’t find a more personalised service in Australia. Our data is constantly being updated and checked and we pride ourselves on getting to know your business in order to offer premium results.

It is easy to propel your email data forward and keeping it working well for you with efficient data cleansing from an excellent database. For more information about this service contact our down-to-earth staff today and let us help you keep your records clean.




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