How to purchase email lists for marketing


Email lists are effective!

It is no secret that email marketing is an effective way of spreading a message or connecting with current or future clients. But collating all the information can take a long time. There is a way where you can get an updated and verified list of contacts with no fuss.

Buying email lists is easier than you think, but it is important to be targeted and thorough otherwise the efforts could be wasted.

With a carefully curated email list, your lessen the risk of having your emails cast aside, and instead have high-quality, relevant leads that take in interest in your attempts.

You can create your own list, but this takes away valuable time from other endeavours you could be working on for your business. Keeping lists updated and clean can also take up time. Then after all the work, your list may not even be effective.

Purchasing an Email List

There are a few things to first consider when purchasing an email database.

First, you want to make sure where you get it from is a reputable and safe company. Negating this step can lead to false lists and dodgy data.

Secondly, it is crucial that you work with a provider that allows you to customise and adapts to your needs. There is no point in spending money on a list that is generic and has no relevance to your client base.

Thirdly, it is important to understand that purchasing an email list is just the first step. Creating the email and reaching the people still needs to be done and should not be rushed.

Lastly, there is the Spam Act and Spam Regulations which must be adhered to. This means the people you are emailing have opted in to receive marketing emails or messages from you. All emails must have an easy option to unsubscribe and identify yourself or business as the sender. This can easily be aided through the purchase of a quality and verified list.

With these points in mind, how can you go about actually buying an email database.

As one of Australia’s leading data providers and we are committed to supplying high-quality consumer information. So we tick the first thing you should consider hands down.

As a business looking to buy email data, it is important to either take some time and think about the target demographic and approach. This applies to whether you are marketing to consumers or businesses. Once you have narrowed down your market, or perhaps you need assistance with that, our team can have data supplied to you within hours. We talk with you over the phone and work with you to understand your needs and then make recommendations so that your list has the best possible potential.

We assist industries such as charities, political parties, real estate, solar, retail, financial and more, working from start to finish to deliver quality, relevant email data or lead lists.

For affordable, curated, reliable and compliant email lists, look no further. Contact us today and begin the process of obtaining your own quality email list.


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