How to grow your email list subscribers

grow your email lists

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Email marketing can be highly effective and the more people you have are reaching the more potential sales and brand awareness you obtain. It can be a struggle to gather the momentum needed to see the desired results from an email campaign, but it is not impossible. You can’t go wrong with proven methods to help you get more email subscribers.

Marketing is an ever evolving process. Your business and your clients shift, adapt and learn and with a solid strategy in place, you’ll grow closer your consumers rather than away from them. Email outs allow quick mass communication and spreading of ideas, updates, surveys and discounts, but having a small or outdated list will mean your messages fall flat.

In this article, you’ll discover fresh strategies to boost your email subscriber count and quality.

3 Steps to growing your email subscribers


There are easy and effective ways to increase your subscriber amount and grow your email database.

Step 1: Quality Content

At the end of the day, it won’t matter how many people you are reaching if they don’t like or connect with the content. Bad, boring or irrelevant content will lead to people unsubscribing quicker than ever. Poor quality content comes across as spammy and unreliable.

On the flip side, having engaging, relevant and quality content not only leads to retention of subscribers but can quickly cause others to want to be a part of the fun. People are more likely to share content, suggest to friends and engage with the email if the quality is high.

Use analytics to evaluate what kind of subject titles, email designs, and content get the most engagement. It will take some time to gather data to assess what works and what doesn’t.

 Step 2: Subscriber Outreach

Having quick and easy ways for users to subscribe to the email list is essential. If the process is too difficult or hard to find, then people won’t be willingly inputting their details. Make the process simple. Provide clear pathways for clients to input their details in order to receive emails.

If you have a website, having a banner, form or pop-up is ideal. Make sure the messaging is inviting and engaging rather than forcing and intrusive. A happy client is far more willing to provide details. Consider offering a sign-up discount or promotion if possible to incentivise people.

Use social media platforms to get the message out about your email sign-ups. Have links and posts that invite guide people to subscribing. If your business allows for it, consider competitions or promotions which entice customers to sign up for the chance to win. This is an effective way of boosting your email list.

Also, if people are signing up and you offer multiple products or services, consider allowing customers to check boxes as to what kind of content they would like to receive. This will help both you and them by being able to tailor emails and it will also provide the participant with the feeling of control and security.

Step 3: Buying An Email List

After all your organic methods have yielded their results, there is still far more potential available. Buying a high-quality, vetted email list is a sure-fire way to boost subscriber count. You’ll quickly obtain a suitable database of people that you have the opportunity of reaching.

Once you have a database it is a matter of maintaining and that is far easier to do than sourcing. Purchasing an email database allows you to craft unique and specialised content that welcomes, engages and gives your brand the awareness it deserves. Again, you can analyse the stats to perfect your messaging, but you’ll very quickly see results.

These steps will greatly assist with growing your email subscriber list. It is important to increase the number of people you’re reaching, as well as the quality and the engagement. For more advice on growing your email subscriber amount or purchasing a businesses or consumers email database contact us today.


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