How Real Estate agents can grow with Email Marketing


Use one of the best combinations in marketing – email marketing and targeting your audience. With the help of our high quality databases, you can customise your message to potential buyers and tenants, stand out and grow your business significantly.

Get a good reputation and help your customers trust you!

Get to know your customers with a customised database


Do your potential buyers or tenants prefer talking on the phone, reading, or visiting in person? What exactly makes them curious enough to contact you and how do they want to be spoken to? These are all important questions that you can answer a lot better with access to a customised database.

As a real estate agent, you not only need to sell, but you need to know as much as possible about your customers’ behaviours and emotional triggers. Some might call it manipulation – but we call it smart business where everybody wins.

Increase trust and improve your reputation


You want information on how they prefer to make their purchase decisions, where they spend their time online, etc. All people want is to be seen and heard so the more you know your audience and their attention span and behaviours, the more you can succeed as a real estate agent. It also helps your reputation and increases trust with future buyers or tenants because your customers will see you as someone who knows exactly what they need.

You will close more deals and they will get the home that they truly desire. It’s beneficial for everyone involved!

Convert email subscribers into buyers with email marketing


Conversion rates are worth tracking because of one main reason: improvement. If you’re struggling with your conversion rate as a real estate agent, you might want to consider your email marketing strategy. By targeting the right audience and making the message fit different age groups, you increase your conversion chances.

To make the process less time-consuming, create different templates that will go out to different people in various areas and in different age groups. Think of videos, photos, references, personal stories and the style and length of the content. With the help of Lead Lists’ updated database with only active users, you significantly increase the chances of your sale success.


Learn more and find the right email marketing solution


To learn more about how you can grow as a real estate agent with email marketing and how we can help your business, contact us here. We at Lead Lists look forward to helping take your career to the next level!



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