Is 2022 the year your business takes email marketing seriously?

email marketing 2022

Email campaigns are a type of marketing strategy that when done right can yield amazing results. In order to do it right though, you need up-do-date and verified information. 2022 is the year where you can take your email campaigns to the next level — but you might need our help.

No matter what business you run or the type of target customer you aim to convert a proper email list is crucial.

Email lists, whether for consumers or business need to be accurate and verified or else the efforts of your marketing will be wasted. As the new year gets underway you want to reach people and establish solid sales relationships. For those already in contact with you, you can notify about sales and deals, and for potentially new clients you can inform and increase knowledge of your brand.

If you haven’t taken advantage of email marketing before, here a few benefits of this tactic.


Email marketing is an effective method of marketing. You can create campaigns tailored to specific demographics and then have the emails scheduled and sent regularly and automatically. Once created emails can be scheduled and all you need to do is wait for recipients to receive, open and then act upon the email. When done right, you can reach a phenomenally large amount of people with ease.


Emails can be tracked so it becomes easy to gather valuable data from your campaigns. You can monitor who opens emails, clicks on buttons, reads the email and even if any purchases originated from emails. This is all valuable information as you can tell if your email efforts are working, but you can also tailor and adjust your messaging, style and tone to ensure that you achieve maximum selling potential.


Most people have and use email, and although some prefer physical pamphlets or brochures it is obvious that printing large catalogues or flyers each time you want to engage with clients is going to have an environmental impact. Emails don’t require paper and can be delivered instantly. In this modern age, it is important for businesses to be environmentally conscious as it tends to impact the customer conversion rate.


Email lists can be segmented based on key demographics. This means you can have tailored emailed being sent to some people who fit a buying category while another email is sent to a completely different target audience. This is invaluable in marketing as you want to reach lots of people, but you also need to reach the right people with the right messaging, email lists and marketing allow you to easily do this.

If you already have been or are thinking about email marketing in 2022, now is the time to get going! If you want to ensure your email lists are verified, accurate and relevant then contact Lead Lists at 1300 011 673 as we specialise in providing the best and most accurate email lists throughout Australia. We can also clean you current email lists to ensure they are accurate and updated.


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