What is data standardisation?


Having information stored and presented in convenient and effective formats is crucial. As a business, working with data that is standardised boosts efficiency, accuracy and the ability to conduct analysis and targeted marketing.

Data can come in various forms, but standardising it makes it usable and functional. When you try to use data stored in multiple forms it can create hassles as well as inaccuracies.

Data standardisation, although different from data washing, is essential for managing your information and has numerous benefits.


Standardising your data produces a higher level of accuracy when working with said data.

When you have mass amounts of data, and let’s say you try to filter potential customers by their names. If the format doesn’t clearly have their first and last names in the right positions, you may miss important results. The same applies to phone numbers, addresses, emails and other data sets.

When all formats of information are the same, then it also makes it easier to catch errors or missing information.


Working with standardised data is so much more efficient. You can filter, search or copy information far more easier than when it is in multiple forms.

Imagine trying to find all the surnames of your data set, but the information is just a conglomerate blob of text. You may eventually be able to piece the information together, but you could have done it so much quicker if the data was standardised. The same holds true for all types of data you may need to utilise.


When your data is standardised, the convenience level increases. You can quickly interpret information. You can easily add or edit the information.

It can quickly become a huge time waster to have to manage messy data and it is easy for information to get lost or forgotten. When the format is usable and standard, you know exactly where and how to find what you need.

Data standardisation is such an important part of managing and using your data and it needs to be done right. Stop wasting time using unmanageable data. Give us a call on 1300 535 397 to find out more about how we can help get your data standardised.


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