Is buying an email list worth it?

Is buying an email list worth it?

Grow your business fast with email lists!


One of the most effective ways of growing your business is with email advertising. Almost everyone has email and a targeted email campaign is proven to help businesses expand their reach. But you may be asking yourself, “should I buy an email list? Is it more beneficial to just source your own emails, or use other data points?

The Australian consumer is not easily fooled, which is why an amateur email marketing attempt will not yield the desired results. Your business can quickly be brushed aside and marked as spam if not careful. And once this stroke has been painted, it is difficult to remove.

Buying email lists helps mitigate the risk of your efforts being cast aside in the junk folder. But not just any email list. Our database is made up of quality and relevant leads so your endeavours are actually working for you. With our carefully curated and constantly updated database you can trust that you’ll be reaching real people and see high delivery rates on email.

Emails can convert better than paid traffic and directly connects with potential customers. It also allows you to target messages based on a variety of demographical influences. This is invaluable for a company that wants to tailor their products, deals and branding to multiple audiences.

With targeted email lists specific to industries and we also assist with data cleaning so your existing email list stays fresh and useful. If you are thinking of ways to expand your business to audiences that are wanting and waiting to hear about you, then buying an email list is a good idea.

Effective email lists make all the difference


Having an excellent email list is just the first step. Once this is obtained having a solid marketing strategy in place to utilise that list to its full potential is key. Gone are the days where your promotions, community messages and advertising are discarded before even being opened. Having people interested and clicking on your emails and then following through to your site/product is one of the fastest ways you’ll see growth within your business.

An up-to-date and professional sourced email list could be the essential next step for your business, whether you are completely online or a physical store. Reach the right people effectively and consistently and quickly see a difference in sales and awareness.

Is buying an email list worth it?


A better question might be, in this day and age can you afford to not be reaching people via any and all methods. Most industries are becoming highly saturated with marketing attempts. Stand out and reach validated, high-quality and interested consumers with your very own email list. Enquire today either by phone or form to get a free quote and discover how your businesses marketing strategy can be transformed with the power of our quality Australian email lists.



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