What is data standardisation and why is it important?

data standardisation

Data Standardisation – The Key to Organisation


When working within a business it is important to have information and processes in the same or similar formats. This significantly streamlines the ability to analyse data from multiple sources.

Data comes in all shapes and forms and standardising it makes it usable. There is a constant flow of information at times and it can be a significant hindrance when that information is stored in varied formats.

For example, if you have a compilation of potential customers addresses, and some have the abbreviation “St”, while other have the word “street” then when you filter it may not catch all results. This applies to phone numbers maybe some have the country code while others don’t, again impacting filtering. And the same goes for emails, if you have a variety of email formats then you may miss out on sending some to clients.

Now it becomes a little more clear as to why standardising data is an essential step in managing your email databases.

Standardising Your Data Is Essential

The data you have and use for your business is going to influence key decisions. You can’t afford to not have the data standardised and interpreted uniformly.

When it is all said and done and your information is standardised, filtering and searching is made simple. This is great for when you need to create sales emails or contact specific demographics. But it also goes one step further, by effectively allowing you to track the data and evaluate success of campaigns. When your data is messy so too is the evaluating and tracking, which hinders your ability to master the selling process.

It can quickly become a huge time waster to have to manage messy data and it is easy for information to get lost or forgotten. When the format is usable and standard, you know exactly where and how to find what you need.

Trying to standardise your data yourself can take time and if not done right, then the whole effort is wasted. We make it easy to standardise your data in a useful format as well as verify and ping the data to eliminate illegitimate phone numbers and emails.

Stop wasting time searching through unsearchable and unmanageable data. Get your data standardised today or find out more about our business 2 business database options by calling us on 1300 535 397.


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