What are real estate data lists?

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The real estate market is booming and it has never been more important to be interacting with the right people at the right time. It is a fast market and a missed phone call could be a missed opportunity.

Having up-to-date real estate data will not only help you connect with more people, but with the right people. You’ll quickly become the go-to real estate agent in your local area. It costs money and time to contact and build relationships with people, you want to make sure the ones you invest in are ideal vendors and potential clients.

Our high-quality lead generation lists are the best in the business and can improve your marketing communications significantly.

Real estate data lists are specified data lists targeting the real estate industry, breaking down information into categories allowing agents to target homeowners, homebuyers, and renters all while having verified data so you know that your efforts will count.

Benefits of Real Estate Data Lists


A solid real estate data list can mean the difference in your marketing efforts. You’ll see significant improvement and in this market you need to be doing everything to stay ahead.

1) Targeted Data

Having a real estate data list allows you to quickly and effectively break down data into categories. You can filter homeowner, renters and potential buyers. This is crucial for engaging with the right cohorts for specific campaign drives. Your communication can be tailored and therefore way more effective.

You get the best chance of reaching those in the homeownership potential category.

2) Localised Data

The real estate game is a locally played one. You want to target local people and areas in order to provide personal and authentic communication. We provide local data and allow you to filter based on locations so you can run and target multiple areas simultaneously.

3) Verified and Accurate

Our real estate data lists are of course verified and accurate so you know for sure that you are reaching real people. This is essential as information is constantly changing and missing out on someone could mean the difference in support or even a sale. A captive audience is awaiting you with our fully vetted lists.

To learn more or get a free consultation contact us at 1300 535 397 and take the steps needed to boost your marketing outcomes with quality real estate data lists.


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