Why Real Estate agents need to be using SMS marketing

SMS Marketing

Real estate is a hot commodity right now and reaching the right people at the right time has never been more important. As a real estate agent you want to smash goals and build meaningful contacts and relationships, but that involves great communication with the right people.

Email and calling people has it’s place and is effective, but it isn’t the only method and some statistics show that it isn’t necessarily the most effective method.

If you are not engaging with clients or potential clients through SMS marketing, then you could be left behind in the real estate race.

What is SMS marketing?


SMS marketing is similar to other forms of outreach, except it is fast, personal and has a high rate of response. You can customise a message to your contacts and have it be sent as a text. Often it is an initial statement or question designed to get recipients engaging with the sender. It can also be an effective and fast way of alerting clients of new listings or price decreases.

Benefits of SMS Marketing


When someone receives an email, they may open and then come back to it later. But a text message is a lot more engaging, and have an open rate of about 98%. This is far higher than most email open rates.

Texting is fast and if someone is busy they may not respond to an email as it involves some time, but an instantaneous text message is less of a burden for people to respond to.

Studies show that once someone has engaged with a business via SMS message, they are 5 times more likely to continue engaging as opposed to other mediums.

SMS marketing is fast and simple and for a lot of clients that may like short bits of information, rather than large emails or long phone calls, a simple text is ideal. Text messaging also creates intrigue. When someone receives an email it can often seem like “I have seen enough” but a text message conversation can allow you as the realtor to create the right amount of suspense to book an inspection or meeting.

At Lead Lists, we encourage using multiple forms of marketing for real estate agents, but we know that whatever form you choose it is essential to have up-to-date data and contact information. We offer tailored services to real estate agents to ensure your marketing efforts are maximised.
You can target local areas, homeowners vs renters and age range, which can allow you to create personalised campaigns.

We recognise the increasing benefit of SMS marketing for real estate agents, and our dedicated team can assist you with ensuring your contact data is clean, verified and up-to-date. For more information, contact our friendly team at 1300 011 673 to get started.


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