Why Charities & Not-for-profits need to clean their email databases

cleaning email list

Charities and non-for-profits require supporters in order to maintain their impact. Reaching people is important, but reaching the right people is essential. Fundraising and building awareness efforts can be wasted if contact information of those trying to be reached is not curated properly.

It is crucial for charities and non-for-profits to clean their email databases to ensure maximum outreach and potential success with campaigns.

What is data cleansing?


Data cleansing is essentially a check and cleaning of your contact data such as emails and phone numbers. They are verified against our updated system to ensure they are legitimate and we ping the email and phone numbers so we can tell if it is still active. We take the technical and make is easy, allowing you to get back to what you need to do.

Names and addresses can also be included in this, which is important for campaigns that involve physical mail or direct outreach.

Why is clean data important?

Having clean data means you are reaching real people and also the right people. We have specialised services for charities and non-for-profits to help gather high-quality leads that gather genuine support. Having and making an impact can only be done if your contact lists and information is up-to-date and verified. Otherwise, you may be reaching out to the wrong people, or worse, not reaching people at all.

Data cleansing allows you to focus your efforts, and helps you better keep track of other demographics that you may use to determine outreach.

If you already have a list of past supporters, perhaps you want to re-engage with them, but they may have updated contact information. Data cleansing will assist with ensuring past contacts remain contactable and this is ideal for maximum outreach.

It is also important as a matter of compliance. We offer the highest level of transparency and our databases are filled with genuine people that want to be reached. If an individual has requested to not be contacted it is important to not breach this request. Part of our cleansing services is ensuring those on the “do-not-call” registry are honoured.

How to get your data cleansed?


Once again, we make is simple and easy. Our expert team works with you to explain and help you understand exactly what’s involved. We work with a vast database that ensures you obtain accurate and verified data. Our team has experience with charities and non-for-profits so we strive to understand the specific needs that come with your industry.

For more information about how you can get your email data list cleansed, or perhaps you want lead generation assistance, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at 1300 011 673 and we can get your cause reaching not only real people, but the right people.


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