Can you legally buy email lists?


Email lists can be a fantastic method of marketing and allows businesses or sales people to reach people easily and conveniently. However you should be careful when thinking about this marketing option as there are some specific regulations and laws to be aware of. Buying an email list is not in and of itself illegal, but sending unsolicited emails is and carries serious penalties if infringed. But no need to fear, here at Lead Lists we make it simple and easy to purchase high quality and law abiding email lists.

Finding new customers can be difficult and emails are an ever increasing pool of potential clients. An email list is great, but a carefully curated and relevant email list that connects you with willing potential customers is even better.

One of the most important parts about purchasing an email list is the compliance element and all our lists are carefully checked against the “do-not-call” register. This ensures that the emails supplied are from candidates that are willing and able to be contacted. If you opt to purchase email lists from an unreliable source you run the risk of emailing people who have requested to not be contacted, and if they escalate the unsolicited emails it can result in serious legal trouble.

Another important aspect of a purchased email list is having accurate data. There are few things worse than buying a list and then having the emails bounce back. Again at Lead Lists, our data is constantly updated and verified so you are getting working emails for real and relevant people.

Is buying an email list legal?


Whilst buying an email list is legal, it is crucial that your emails provide some value to the recipients and are not considered spammy. You’ll quickly have people block or unsubscribe from emails if this is the case. Purchasing an email list is the first step in a marketing strategy, having quality and well crafted emails is the second step. Whether you are selling, informing or offering a deal, your emails reflect your brand and if they come across as spammy then it reflects on your business.

We recommend clearly displaying who the sender is and having a strong system in place in regards to privacy. You don’t want to be caught out being responsible for a email leak, or continually sending emails to candidates who unsubscribe. Even big companies like Woolworths have dealt with major legal turmoil because of unsolicited emails. But again, to emphasise, purchasing an email list from us should help remove the doubt as we cross-check the emails for you!

Buying an email list is completely legal, but sending emails has certain requirements that must be met. For more information about our specific B2C or B2B email database services and how we can provide you peace of mind with email list purchasing, contact us today at 1300 535 397. Our Australian database is checked and verified so you can send emails and gain quality leads without the worry or hassle.


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