Why real estate agents need to grow their email lists

grow your email lists

As a real estate agent you deal with people day in and day out! It’s a crucial time right now to be connecting with the right people as properties are in high demand and moving fast. In order to dominate the local real estate market and smash records, you need to be reaching the right people.

Calling individuals can be a time consuming task and often times, people get quite annoyed with random phone calls. That is not to say that there isn’t a time and place for calling, but these days everyone uses email and it is a non intrusive way to introduce, inform and communicate a message.

Growing your email list is very important for real estate agents who are ambitious and want to succeed. In this blog we’ll explain why real estate agents need to grow their email lists.

1) Contact is Key

In the real estate game, contacting people is key. You need to be communicating with potential sellers and buyers and providing them with tailored services or else another agent will. Again phone calls have their place, but emails are a great way to keep in touch with multiple clients whilst remaining personal. You can provide updates, deals, information and more through emails and you can keep track with how people interact with your message.

2) Relevance

An email list can be a major asset to you as a real estate agent and it can easily seperate you from the competition. By purchasing a tailored email list from Lead Lists, you can have specific data segmented based on ages, home ownership or rent status and of course locality. These demographics are important for initiating contact for buying and selling homes and it can streamline your marketing approach saving your time and refining your results.

3) Quality

Having an email list is great, but having a high quality and verified email list is essential. Again our email lists are verified and cross-checked against Australian registries to ensure the most accurate and complete data. As a real estate agent, you know that the lives of people change, often suddenly, so having accurate data such as addresses and emails is important.

Growing you email list if you are a real estate agent should be a goal for the coming year. It is a way to stay connected with individuals, maintain relationships and of course offer deals and services. Having a carefully curated email list is great and if you craft excellent and relevant emails, you’ll be sure to notice a difference in your leads and sales.

For more information about our specified real estate agent data services such as email lists, contact us at 1300 535 397. Our friendly team will chat with your to discuss your specific needs and how you can be on your way to selling your next home more effectively.



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