Why it’s important to segment your customer email lists


What Is Email Data Segmentation?

For any business looking to improve its sales

and marketing, then it is important to take note of what exactly email data segmentation is. Whether you have an exisiting client database or you are gaining a new one this concept is revolutionary.

Segmenting your email list is basically dividing and organising your data into various groups. This allows you or your sales people to sort and comb through the list far more effectively. For new lists it is a great way to start the campaign off strong and for current lists it can provide valuable insights for key performance metrics.

How Important is segmenting your data?

In short the answer is very.

Businesses that understand the spending habits of their customers are better equipped to customise their service which has been proven to assist with increase sales. This exact topic has been studied by Harvard and the results showed that by segmenting the email databases, analysing the habits and performance of each group and then personalising the efforts, it helps increase revenue.

Email data segmentation allows you to quickly and easily analyse various demographics based on set criteria, such as geographic, industry, behaviour and content.

Your sales team or campaigns can then focus on specific segments in order to personalise and then maximise the efforts based on the different segment responses or needs.

Data segmentation takes time and patience. In can take considerable time before results are clear. But there are a few ways to help speed up the process.

Firstly, the more contacts and data you have the larger the pool of segments and information can be gathered. Too little data can yield insufficient results and weak segments. Having a hearty database is a great way to start seeing results from segmenting.

Secondly, the quality of the data needs to be good. Having an outdated or dead database will greatly taint the results of segmenting and analyse. Having an up-to-date and clean email list will assist with measuring real data hence improving your efforts.

These two hurdles once overcome will allow you to thrive with email data segmentation. You’ll begin to see results and have a better understanding of your clients responses.

Segmenting your email database could be the difference in truly seeing results from your marketing endeavours.

For further information on email segmentation and email data lists, then enquire with our knowledgeable team at 1300 011 673 and get the most out of your marketing campaigns.


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