Why it’s important to clean your email list before the Black Friday sales


Reach the right people before sales start


Email marketing during the holiday season is essential for reaching consumers who are ready and willing to spend money on products or services. Sending updates, deals and specials, new products and more to previous or potentially new customers is one easy way to gather more potential sales.

But if your email data list is out of date or incorrect then not only are your efforts tainted but then you could be missing out on reaching valuable clientele.

Australian’s wills-end roughly $3.9 billion on sale days – this includes the infamous Black Friday. As a business it is crucial to tap into that market or risk missing out. Email lists are a great way to remind, encourage and persuade consumers into buying goods and services from you. But this all depends on whether or not your email list is clean and updated.


Maximise your efforts with clean email data


The benefits of cleaning your email database are invaluable at the worst of times, let alone before prime selling dates.

Firstly, it is a matter of compliance. Washing your data to ensure those that are on the Do Not Call Register is vital as to not be contacting people who have expressed that they do not want contact.

Secondly, you ultimately save money. By specifying you marketing efforts to quality and verified individuals. If you are working based on an outdated list, valuable resources are being wasted on dead data. Clean your data, bring it to life and actually reach real people.

Thirdly, you are able to enrich your efforts by breaking down your data into various demographics. There is a science behind selling and the various demographics have varying spending habits. You can tailor your marketing efforts to suit individuals rather than taking a shot gun approach. Personalised campaigns can create trust in customers and has a higher likelihood in leading to sales.

Finally, you are able to analyse your campaigns after the fact which can assist with your marketing strategy moving forward. You can see which products, deals and demographics performed well and those that didn’t. You can then use this information moving forward ultimately streamlining your efforts throughout the year.

Another helpful tip to consider is purchasing a new B2C email database as well. This will add and increase the reach of your marketing campaigns. With this newly purchased list, you know that the recipients are verified and will receive you efforts.

Upon cleaning you email database you will gather valuable information such as first and last names, confirmed deliverable emails and addresses. This ensures that emails get through and is also allows you to better segment your data based on demographic. This provides a more targeted approach.

Black Friday sales and others such as Click Frenzy and Boxing Day sales are a great opportunity to reach people looking for good deals. Ensure you are getting into the right inboxes by cleaning your data list before the sales season.

If you want to know more about cleaning your email database then contact our friendly staff today and get a free quote.


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