Why you need to tell a story with your multi-channel marketing

Does your marketing campaign tell a story?

Perhaps more importantly, have you incorporated that story into your marketing strategy across all channels?

How and where a brand tells its story has a huge impact on the way it’s perceived by customers. In today’s highly interactive world, it’s important for brands to embrace multi-channel storytelling in order to encourage customers to share their experiences and achieve trust.

Are you using story-telling to achieve effective multi-channel marketing?
Are you using story-telling to achieve effective multi-channel marketing?

What multi-channel means to your brand’s story

A seasoned marketer understands that multi-channel marketing isn’t just about being present across multiple channels, but integrating them into a holistic strategy. This doesn’t only mean complementing content marketing with social campaigns, but incorporating your campaign into your email, phone and direct mail approaches as well.

In today’s fragmented media environment, developing a relevant story and communicating it consistently across all channels will help to reinforce your brand and build trust among customers. In integrating all channels into your storytelling, you demonstrate an authenticity which can gradually create a strong customer relationship.

Establishing trust contributes to your access of one of the most important channels of all: word of mouth. Ninety-two per cent of people across the globe trust personal recommendations above all other forms of advertising, according to Nielsen, so creating trust through storytelling is vital.

Build a meaningful customer experience with authentic storytelling.
Break the channel silo and tell a story across all marketing avenues.

How multi-channel storytelling succeeds

It has become especially difficult for marketers today to predict what channels their audiences will move between and when. This can seem especially difficult given resource limitations, but it shouldn’t be a reason to limit your campaigns to only the highest performing channels. Storytelling can help to integrate experiences across different channels, creating a streamlined campaign to the benefit of both marketers and consumers.

A strong multi-channel campaign is:

  • Audience-focused – Curate your campaign to your audience and not the channel with which you’re reaching them.
  • Not siloed – Creating channel silos in your marketing team can limit the consistency of your brand story, hurting authenticity and the customer experience with it.
  • Relevant – Understand what your audience is interested in and ensure the story you tell aligns with the message your brand presents.
  • Measured – Gain insight into your customer’s journey to learn how they interact with your story. Use of technology and analytics are integral to an adaptable campaign.

At the end of the day, understanding your customers and their perception of your brand will help you to create campaigns with broad reach, strong relevance and better return on investment.

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